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niladmirai asked:

from what you said about Winter Schnee and Summer Rose... what if they are from the same team from way back when???????



Schnee’s eldest daughter is a gradeskipping and enter bacon, with Summer in the same team. They are best friend, Summer give her a nickname call “Winter”.

Even they graduated, they still are partner. As long as they work together, there is no will not win …. but there is no such unbeaten myth, in a battle, for save Winter, Summer sacrificed.

Winter is remorse and never recovered, closed herself and leave everyone, even her sister Weiss.

Time Passing, Winter heard Summer’s daughter Ruby is a gradeskipping and enter bacon, with her sis in the same team. Winter look at Weiss and Ruby just like look at herself and Summer… then she let her emotions for Summer throw to Ruby…

…Okay I need to stop(´・ω・)

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